Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend.

Whew, I forgot how fun, yet exhausting 3 day weekends were! Especially when they're spent in the sun all day, every day. 

We started on the boat, leaving from Johns Island and headed towards Kiawah. It was super windy (which continued all weekend), so after a few hours on the boat we headed back to the pool. This picture cracks me up because it looks like Andy and Cameron are checking out some babes on the beach. 

It was Lane's first time on the boat and it's safe to say he loved it! 

Later that night we celebrated both of our niece's birthdays! Can't believe how grown up they are becoming! 

On Sunday, we acted like we were in college again and made the bumpy trek to Morris Island. The filter Molly used on this pic makes it look like we were in the Caribbean though! 

Sunday morning I actually woke up without a hangover and got some things done around the house. That afternoon, we went back out to Cameron's parent's pool and brought Brady with us. Poor guy had been by himself in the house the past two days for 10+ hours! He needed some play time, too. 

Got to hang out with our adorable nieces (and wonderful sister-in-laws!) again. Marin, one of my nieces, snapped this picture of our youngest niece, Arden, and Cameron. Pretty sure my heart officially melted. 

Now it's past my bedtime and I'm having a hard time putting together sentences. Goodnight! 

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  1. Three day weekends are the best, aren't they!?!? So glad you had a great one! And you did well with the whole sentence thing ;)!

  2. It looks like the most perfect long weekend. And I love that picture of Lane enjoying the boat for the first time--so cute! :)

  3. LOVE long weekends! We went out to Morris on Sunday too, I was waaaay too tired to do anything on Sunday after that.

  4. We took the boats down to our house on the Edisto this weekend, we must have gone right passed y'all on Monday! We passed a group at the John's Island sandbar and I thought of yall!

  5. SO TRUE about the guys checking out babes - HILARIOUS!

  6. Aw look at little Lane on the boat! He looks so happy! You guys always have such a blast on the boat, makes me wish I had one!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  7. What a fun weekend! Looks like a great time! That one picture does look like y'all are in the Caribbean! xo

  8. Weekends in the sun with friends and family are the best! Such a fun weekend! Xo, Stephanie

  9. Oh wow, I just saw the title of your blog and I just had to come visit. My daughter is obsessed with fried pickles. She's been eating fried pickles for a couple of years now... lol. Your holiday weekend seemed like so much fun, too. I'm really glad I found your blog today... :)

  10. ohhh my gosh little Lane is so cute!! I love 3 day weekends! especially when they involve boating. sounds like a successful 3 day weekend to me!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants