Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Weekend Catch Up.

This weekend was a pretty low key one, which I'm always ok with, especially right before the holidays where everything is go, go, go! 

Friday night, we had a girls night at Caroline's house and her co-worker did an Arbonne spa night for us. I was actually really impressed with their products and liked the fact that we got to try so many of them. Their products are pricier than what I would normally pay, but after learning what parabens really are and the fact that I turn 31 next month, it may be time to step up my skin care game. Have you tried Arbonne products before? Did you like them? 

Saturday just consisted of running errands, eating lunch at Five Loaves (yum), watching football, and grabbing a casual dinner at Outback. 

Sunday morning, a couple of family members on Cameron's side and I hosted a baby shower brunch for my sister-in-law, Nancy. She is due in January with our third niece (first baby for her, other sister in law has two girls) and we could not be more excited! It rained non-stop all day, but I think everyone still had a great time. There was some really yummy food and Nancy got some great, thoughtful gifts. 

Sunday afternoon we held our 2nd annual Friendsgiving at Kate's parent's house on Little Oak Island (almost to Folly Beach). There was everything from oysters, to fried turkey, to all of your go-to Thanksgiving sides and desserts. Could not wait to put my stretchy pants on when I got home. Friendsgiving is becoming more and more special with the addition of each little one. :)

Awesome view

This guy melts my heart

Group pic (yes, we all wore plaid on purpose)

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  1. Looks like a yummy shower! And I love that you all wore plaid in that last pic--so fun! :)

  2. Love that view! The banner with all the baby items is adorable!
    Happy Thanksgiving girl!

  3. i love that string of baby clothes -- too cute! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. My friend is an Arbonne consultant so I was introduced to their products a couple of years ago. I love them! I use their FC5 line of face wash/toner and moisturizer every day. I also use the makeup primer and foundation daily. I love their scrubs too! Such great stuff for your skin!

  5. Looks like the perfect weekend! I love the Friendsgiving plaid picture!

    Also, I have never tried Arbonne, but really love Kiehl's products!