Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend {Football, Food, and More Food}

Whew, I can't remember the last time I go to fully enjoy a long holiday weekend like I did this past weekend. My last day at the Sandcastle was Friday, so that meant I had 3 days to enjoy before I started my new job. 

But before we get to the weekend, let's start with Thursday, shall we?

My mom and I - before the sweating kicked in.

Gamecock walk

I made these mini corndogs for tailgate. Super easy, and they were a hit!

 Thompson, Lattimore, Clowney

We won't even talk about the game....

Saturday morning we just lounged around the house before grabbing a bite to eat at Boxcar Betty's. This was Cameron's first time, and we both agree that while the sandwich was pretty darn tasty, Chick-Fil-A is still #1. 

Saturday night, we went over to a friend's house to watch the Clemson vs. Georgia game. I had enough fun for both Cameron and I, and paid for it ALL day Sunday. Guess I was making up for lost time working all of those weekends. 

Brady had fun, too.

Sunday I was slow to roll out of bed, but I did eventually to go on a short boat ride with Cameron's parents to get lunch. Felt a tad better once I ate a kids cheeseburger. Later that night, we went to my parents house for the epitome of a summertime meal. My dad smoked ribs that fell off the bone, my mom grilled sliced pineapple and made baked beans, and I brought a panzanella salad. SO good.

And Monday, while Cameron pressure washed the house, I caught up on laundry, dishes, etc. I did manage to sneak away for an hour to get lunch with Frankie at White Duck Taco, which you people who have been to Asheville are familiar with. My tacos were SO good and I cannot wait to go back! 
Lamb gyro on the left, buffalo chicken on the right

Alright, off to my first day at my new job! Couldn't sleep last night because I was so excited!
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  1. That is your Mom?!! I definitely thought it was a friend of yours!!! You have good genes girl!

  2. You worked at the Sandcastle? Went there all the time this summer!

  3. The mini corndogs look super cute!

  4. Are those skulls full of liquor?

  5. Hooray on your new job! And mmmm I love panzanella salads!

  6. good luck at the new job! those tacos look SOO good! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. How fun are those mini corn dogs! Yay for the new job!


  8. I need to get to White Duck Taco asap and try it out. YUM!

  9. Good luck your first day!

  10. I'm drooling over all your food!! Yum!! Nothing like a hamburger to help a hangover. Hope your new job is going well!

  11. Good luck with your new job! Hope you had a great first day!

  12. Seems like an awesome holiday weekend! Cheers to your new job, hope it's off to a great start!

  13. I am glad you got to enjoy the long weekend.


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