Monday, July 21, 2014

Ray Lamontagne Concert.

As part of Cameron's anniversary present, I gifted him (and myself) tickets to see Ray Lamontagne at the Performing Arts Center. Whenever we're outside sitting on the porch, we like to listen to chill music, such as Ray, Amos Lee, needtobreathe, Citizen Cope, etc, so I thought this would be a nice concert to go to. Different than the rowdy concerts we're used to. To be honest, I really wanted to get us tickets to see Justin Timberlake (his man crush) in Charlotte, but I just could not drop that kind of cash. 

We had great seats, pretty close to the front and almost directly in the middle. The only downside to sitting in the middle at the PAC, is how big of a pain it is to walk through everyone when you have to use the bathroom. Due to this fact, I limited myself to one beer. 

For the most part, the concert was good. It was a sit-down concert (not mandatory, obviously, but just due to the chill music) and very enjoyable......until the 3 loud and drunk chicks sitting 2 rows behind us yelled "GO GAMECOCKS!!!!!!!!" after every song. Now, y'all know me. I am one of the biggest Gamecock fans you will meet. But we were not at a football game and Ray probably doesn't know who the hell the Gamecocks are! So that kept rubbing me the wrong way. Pair that with the fact that I pretty much only know Ray's old songs, and the majority of his songs were from his new cd. By the response he got when he played his older songs, I know I wasn't the only one that felt that way. 

Here was one of the few songs I knew that evening. 

All in all, I'm glad I went to see him and he is super talented, but I probably won't be purchasing tickets again if he comes back to Charleston. 
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  1. aww i LOVE him!! we cut our wedding cake to his song, "sweetest thing." so glad that you got to see him sing -- minus the annoying girls attending the concert -- ah newsflash its not a football game! get over it. if you were annoyed im sure other ppl were too! xo jillian - stop by cornflake dreams, I'm hosting a giveaway!