Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Five.

Wow, has it been quiet around here! When your husband and your friends start to mention it, you know it's time for a post. My apologies.

Last Sunday, we had a jam packed day. First, a surprise bday brunch for our friend, Tyler, at the always yummy, Fat Hen. Ever since this party was scheduled, I knew immediately that I was going to order the duck bbq sandwich with blue cheese coleslaw. Well, being that our reservation was at 10am due to our large group, I wasn't exactly feeling the heavy meal. Instead, I opted for the classic scrambled eggs, bacon cheese grits (amazing!), bacon, and toast.

Our two buddies, Ashton and Greyson.

The whole gang. Birthday boy on the far right.

After brunch, came TWO baby showers. First up was my sweet (and beautiful) friend, Frankie's, baby shower. She is due exactly a week before Emily but is not finding out the sex of the baby. I'm definitely feeling a girl for her so we'll just have to wait and see next month what it will be!
Next up, we headed to Amanda and Eric's co-ed baby shower. Sadly, no pics of the baby mama or daddy were taken, but I did run into Katie and Kerr! Love how our group of friends are intertwined.
Hot chocolate bar that gave me some great ideas for a special baby shower I'm throwing next month!
Super cute diaper wreath and cake! I've never seen a snowman diaper cake before.

I have a hard time finding a "specialty" coffee/tea for my Keurig that I won't get sick of after one box. They're usually all two sickly sweet for me. Enter the chai latte pods. I picked these up on Tuesday and they are SO GOOD. They taste almost as good as the Starbucks version!

Along with the chai lattes I picked up, I grabbed this Yankee Candle scent called "Pinecone & Lime." Why yes, it does sound like a very odd combination, but I promise it just makes your room smell like Christmas! I want to keep it lit all the time.

Tonight is our monthly supper club and there is a theme this go 'round! Tacky Christmas sweaters, duh. Cameron and I borrowed some sweaters from his cousin and y'all are going to be in for a treat on Monday. Let's just say that mine includes shoulder pads. So hot.

Wish I would have seen this one before though..

Can't believe Christmas is so close!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. hahaha that sweater is great! I showed my mom the same one for our upcoming party since she is the host (she wasn't quite as excited) Love the hot chocolate bar- what a fabulous idea that the mom-to-be can partake in as well! Anyway- have a fabulous weekend!

  2. What a ridiculous but funny sweater. We have an ugly sweater party this weekend too, wish I would have seen that!

  3. ooo shoulder pads! Get it girl!

  4. Just found your blog via the link up! Love the hot chocolate bar- what a great idea! That sweater is hysterical- can't wait to see what you all do!

  5. I love that Chai Latte too! The hot chocolate bar is such a good idea! I'll have to look for that Pinecone and Lime candle on my next trip to Bed Bath and Beyond. That sweater looks dangerous! You could seriously knock someone out with those noses!

  6. haha omg that sweater. And I need to try the Chai Latte!

  7. Best tacky sweater I've ever seen. HA! Merry, merry! xx

  8. I was wondering where you were too missy! Looking forward to a fun festive supper club tonight!! xo

  9. Such a cute shower with so many great ideas. Love seeing cute Frankie with her bump! Happy weekend!

  10. Your friend looks fabulous! Hope I rock a preggo belly that well one day!

  11. Happy Weekend!!! Have fun and can't wait to see your sweater haha!

  12. I LOVE the Fat Hen! What a fun place. I'm going to a tacky sweater party next weekend, and you have definitely inspired me! Have a great weekend!

  13. hahahah that sweater is amazing!
    That restaurant sounds awesome--I wanna know what slaw with blue cheese tastes like (sounds pretty delish!) :)
    Have a great weekend :)

  14. We have a tacky sweater party tonight also! Can't wait to see what you wear! Have a great weekend!!

  15. I so wish you had that last sweater too! How have I not been to Fat Hen yet?? That bbq sounds amazing!

  16. Christmas is coming, the latest michael kors bag here, good price quality, introduced to everyone

  17. I LOVE the Chai pods--they are SO good!!

  18. I have banned myself from Yankee Candle for a couple of months. Candles are my weakness. Though I have found a lot of the BHG at Walmart are just as amazing.

  19. So much baby boom...Ashton and Greyson are TOO cute!!! Maybe you and Cameron are next?! ;)

    Love that tacky sweater!