Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Five.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that something scary happened Wednesday evening! 
I came home from work and while I was walking to get the mail, I could hear Brady barking an abnormal amount. When I got to the house, I peaked in the window and saw him walking from the back part of the house where our dining room, office, and back porch is. I figured there must be a cat or something in the back yard. Well, I was right. There was a MAN sitting in one of our chairs in our back yard!! I grabbed Brady, sprinted to my neighbors house and called the cops. Long story short, he lives on the street behind us and had surgery the day before. He had gone out of his house, got disoriented and couldn't find his way back. He said he became short of breath and needed somewhere to sit down. Why he chose our backyard with our loud dog barking at him, I have no idea. The cops stayed with him until the EMS arrived to take him back to the hospital and we decided not to file any trespassing charges against him. A scary situation, that just luckily just a misunderstanding and no one was hurt.
Needless to say, Brady got a well deserved bone that night.

Monday night, we celebrated Cameron's grandmother's 93rd birthday! We visited her in the rehabilitation facility that she's been staying at for the past couple of months and brought her cards, gifts, and a delicious lemon pound cake made by my MIL. She is one loved lady!
Excuse the lack of make-up. I lost my make-up bag over the weekend. :(
Our Christmas cards have arrived in our friends and families mailboxes and I am pretty obsessed with them. Once again, Minted comes through. Their quality is like non other. I went with the Gallery Classic postcards this year.
Blurry, sorry, but you get the picture.
Our good friends Jen and Joe made the move from Columbia to Charleston last weekend and we could not be more excited to have them here!  

After dinner with Jen and Joe Wednesday, Cameron and I went and got our Christmas tree! After eating way too much, I wasn't really in the mood to decorate, but Cameron convinced me otherwise and I am so glad he did!
Another year with a sheet as a tree skirt. #fail  I even bought one from Target but it didn't work with the kind of tree stand we use. :(
 Have a great weekend!
We'll be watching the SEC and ACC championship games, attending a surprise brunch at the always yummy Fat Hen, and attending two baby showers! Love this time of year!
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  1. How cute is Cameron's grandmother? That's one chic 93 year old. For my tree skirt I just got a large piece of burlap from a craft store and wrapped it around. It turns out looking pretty good!

  2. What a scary situation--glad it wasn't anything more serious! And your tree is GORGEOUS!!! We really need to get ours SOON.

  3. Wow, I'm glad that the scariness ended up being not harmful! Scary tho!
    Yay for friends moving closer--that's awesome :)
    I love your Christmas cards. Super cute!! And the tree is so pretty :)

  4. How scary! Glad everything worked out.

  5. I can't find a tree skirt that I like so I'm going to go get a few yards of fabric and drape it like you did! I think it's pretty!

  6. Your tree is so pretty!! That is scary about #1! I would have freaked! So glad everything was okay!

  7. I think your tree skirt looks great! That story about the strange man would freak me out!! I'd call the cops too! Your Christmas cards are adorable!

  8. That is terrifying finding a man on your back porch, glad the situation worked out ok. Also, love your Christmas card. We just ordered ours with our wedding picture too, I cant wait to see how it turned out.

  9. Whew, go Brady!! Your tree looks fabulous and so do the cards!!

  10. I couldn't get over that story about the man. What a scary situation but you reacted perfectly!

    Our tree skirt came from TJMaxx a few years ago but before that I just bought several yards of cheap gold lame from the fabric store and draped that around the base! It was soon covered in presents anyway :)

  11. Oh my goodness- so scary! So glad you reacted (with the help of a smart doggie!) and everything is fine. Something similar happened to me a few years ago- when I came out of wal mart a man was leaning on my car door and wouldn't leave. I had never seen him before and had no idea what he was doing!

  12. That is so scary....almost every car in my neighborhood got broken into this past week. I'm so happy your husband liked the scallopini...It's so good. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Your tree looks gorgeous! I also love the Minted design you picked. So classic!

  14. Good job Brady!!!! And I love your Christmas card!

  15. He looks so ferocious with his bone!!!!

  16. I would have been so terrified! Glad your pup was protecting you!

  17. Scary story!! I would have been terrified!! I got nervous just reading it! Glad you're all ok! Love you tree and your Christmas cards! So perfect!!

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  19. That is a scary situation. I am glad it turned out they way that it did.

  20. Your cards are perfect! Who was your photographer??
    I am having a fun little giveaway over on my blog and I would love you to enter!!!
    Merry Christmas!!