Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five.

Head over to April, Christina, Natasha, or Darci's blog to join in on the Five on Friday link up!
Big congrats to Christina on her little bun in the oven!! She and Matt are definitely one of the cutest couples in the blog world (and I'm sure in real life) and they are going to be awesome, loving parents!
This being my busy event month at work, I get to sleep in a lot during the week since I don't have to be at work until the afternoon. It has been so nice to wake up when I please, make a cup of coffee, and relocate to the couch for Kelly & Michael.
On the contrary to number one, working out in the morning and having lots of energy for the rest of the day.
Wednesday when I had a full day off, I made it to the 9:15 body pump class and afterwards, did not sit down (other than for a quick lunch) until Cameron got home from work. I was so motivated for a change and it was awesome! Laundry, organizing, grocery shopping, you name it. I will admit, ever since Emily (aka my work out buddy) got pregnant, I have been super slack about going to the gym..and I can definitely tell when I look in the mirror.
Forever 21 finds.
Always hit or miss. Here are some hits.
 If you're planning a party soon, check out Style Me Pretty's list of the best places to buy everything you could need to make your party spectacular!
Happy weekend!!

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  1. You're right, Forever 21 is always hit or miss. Unfortunately, it's generally a miss for me! But I love what you found! Have a great weekend :)

  2. love that cable knit sweater! and working out in the morning is always the best for me...or else i wont do it! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. The chunky pink and tan sweater is super cute (tho, when I looked at the website, why is she wearing a light flowy blue skirt? Looks totally weird together!)
    Go you for working out early and getting things done! I love productive days like that!

  4. damn you are good at finding good f21 stuff! i have no patience!

  5. So true about the gym in the a.m. Ugh, to have more motivation. Have a great weekend. I'll definitely be reciting the sleep Haiku :)

  6. girl, i have a VERY similar wake up routine. i don't start work until the afternoon, so kelly and michael (plus coffee) are always part of my routine. i love love love kelly ripa. she cracks me up. LOVE those forever 21 finds too. love that place. but agree -- to go in the store you have to mentally prepare yourself. that pink striped sweater is adorableeee!!

    happy weekend, beautiful!

  7. Forever 21 is usually a miss for me too, but I love that cable knit sweater!

  8. That haiku about getting out of bed desrcibes my mornings perfectly.

  9. Love the sweater and sequin dress! Forever 21 is not always an easy store for me to shop in but when I find something great it really pays off!

  10. I love the sweater with the hot pink! So cute!
    Come link up with me and enter my giveaway from Wednesday!

  11. LOVE the workout quote. Sooo true!!!!

  12. F21 is always suchhhhhhhh a hit or miss with me. Typically a miss but the rare time I will find something that fits me well.

  13. I see people on blogs wearing Forever 21 clothes that look great...but they never seem to have the best clothes in the store. Probably because the store closest to me is pretty tiny...