Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Things You Do For Love..

This past weekend, we ventured to the upstate to Clemson for the Clemson / Georgia football game. Now, if you've even only been reading my blog for a week, you know I'm a huge South Carolina fan. The fact that I went to this game where both of our huge rivals were playing each other AND I wore orange and purple, both are pretty much against my religion.
But I love this guy so I'll do whatever it takes to make him happy. And happy he was when Clemson won!

Carolina girls supporting our opposing team men.
(I was still representing with my Gamecock koozie!)
 Cameron and my sister's boyfriend.

Even though I didn't want either team to win, I still had a great time in ol' Clemson.
Have you done anything that you never thought you would do, in the name of love?
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  1. Oh football season you make marriage so awkward! My husband and I are rivals too (Virginia tech and UVA) so while we try to be sweet to each other, we do occasionally get a little too competitive

  2. We have some friends that have the same problem - too funny! I love your dress, it's super cute!!

  3. Look at you in Clemson! And I even see a little orange peaking out of that dress! You go girl. Now your hubby owes you big time. He's got to wear garnet and black to a Carolina game. That's what marriage is all about, right? :)

  4. Thank God they won for "everyone's" morale ha. At least it's a fun town! And Steph's bangs looks so good on her!

  5. Eeeek I was there too!! We should have met up! And you are such a good wife!

  6. My heart cringes for you having to be around BOTH of those teams! You were such a trooper!!!

  7. This makes me excited to go to Oxford for our first home game this weekend. I am so hoping it is not as an exciting of a game as last week's against Vandy.

  8. Loving your sister's bf's outfit! It was a tough loss... but a great game. Can't wait for this weekends!