Sunday, September 22, 2013

Barefoot Refresh.

Barefoot wine has recently come out with a new line of wine spritzers called Barefoot Refresh. There are four flavors of lightly carbonated, refreshing wine blends!
  • Crisp White: Riesling blended with Chenin Blanc
  • Sweet White: Pinot Grigio blended with Moscato
  • Summer Red: Pinot Noir Rosé blended with Moscato
  • Perfectly Pink: White Grenache blended with Chenin Blanc and Moscato

  •  I chose the Sweet White over the Crisp White because I have been digging less sweet wine lately. I know pinot grigio is sweet, but it isn't as sweet as Riesling. The Sweet Wine was a bit sweet, but it wasn't overwhelming. The carbonated part was definitely my favorite. For some reason, I am always drawn to carbonated drinks. I chose the Perfectly Pink because I have never really had blush wine before so I thought I'd choose something new! Good thing I did because I wound up liking it more than the Sweet White! These Barefoot Refreshers are the perfect drink for that person who is trying to ease their way into drinking wine, or for the wino who is looking for something light and different!

    The great part about these wines is that they can be enjoyed by themselves, on ice, or incorporated as an ingredient in a cocktail! They are also only $8, which is an amazing price!
    I enjoyed my Sweet White wine on my backporch after work, accompanied by a tasty piece of rosemary and sea salt focaccia bread. These wines would also be perfect to take out on the boat on a hot day! Refreshing, but not as filling as beer!
    Close up of the bubbles.
    Pick up a bottle on your next trip to the grocery store and let me know what you think!
    “The product and promotional item were provided by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly for this review."

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    1. Yum! These look so light and refreshing! A good change from wine once in a while!

    2. Wait. These look amazing! I am definitely going to be trying these out! Thanks for the review!

    3. This is my kind of wine! I'll definitely be trying the Pinot Grigio. Andre also makes a great, bubbly version of PG. Yum!

    4. I have been wanting to try these! Tyler loves him some sweet wine and I bet he would love these!

    5. OMG, so exicted to go find those barefoot bottles after work!!