Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012.

The holidays come and go in the blink of an eye! All of the anticipation leading up to it and then just like that - it's over.
Where do I begin?
Christmas Eve we made three stops. First to my uncle's church where he plays the drums in the band. Now this is not your typical church..this is a church where they have a loud music, back up dancers and the congregation dancing and clapping to the music. I was beaming with pride watching my uncle up on stage. My absolute favorite part of the service was when they sang "Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee"...but the Sister Act version. That song gets me pumped up! haha
Second stop was to my step-grandmother's house. I love going over there to see everyone on her side of the family and walking around to look at pictures of my sweet Grandaddy. :)
Third and final stop of the night was to my Grandma Charlotte's house for dinner and to celebrate with my Dad's side of the family. We have gone over to her house on Christmas Eve probably since I was born.
Christmas morning, I used to go straight to my parents house first thing in the morning to open presents with them, but this year Cameron and I started our own traditions. We woke up, turned on some Christmas music, made a pot of coffee and exchanged gifts. It was actually really nice to just sit down with him and have our own quiet time together.
First stop of the day was to Cameron's grandfather's house on Johns Island. Mimosas, bloody marys, breakfast casserole, sausage and waffles for breakfast. YUM. And lots of kiddos running around! I love it.
Grann and Marin

Cameron's niece is a big Carolina fan and I love it!

The newest member of the family.
Next we drove to Summerville to my aunt and uncle's house to celebrate and eat an early dinner with my mom's side of the family. Lawd that was some good eatin'! After dinner we sat around the table and opened gifts. Then we took a few pics in front of the tree before we had to skip out on dessert and head to our last stop of the night.
Sis and her MK purse.
The fam.
The cousins.
Last stop of the night was back to Johns Island to Cameron's parents house. It was an entertaining evening because Cameron bought his older cousins a bug zapper that they once "played" with back in the day. I say "play," because it's a painful bug zapper! It shocks the crap out of you! They all chased each other around the house with it, acting like little kids again.
Cameron's not taking his eyes off of it.
Sweet Marin, our flower girl.
Marin & Kaylin singing songs to everyone.
My new family. :)
 And now, I'm sadly back to work yesterday and today. BUT starting tomorrow, I'm off for 5 days to celebrate my 29th birthday (Saturday) and the New Year!
Bring on 2013!


  1. I wouldn't mind finding a church like that. Something that is a little more fun, without so many uptight, gossip-y people.

    Starting your own Christmas traditions is great! The only hard part, sometimes, is getting other family members to respect your new routine with each other.

  2. Just started following your blog and I already love it!

  3. 29 on the 29th! :) Happy Golden Birthday! :) I just turned 29 in September... heres to enjoying our last year in our twenties... Ha LOL.

  4. I just finished my third Christmas; this one was up in TN with my parents. I wish we all lived closer, but wow! You really had a ton of stops to make. All of yours put my four to shame! Tim and I did our own quiet exchange on Christmas morning too, and I loved it!

  5. Oh My Gosh...that is a lot of travel! It sounds like a blast but I'm not sure how you weren't completely worn out by the end of Christmas Day.

  6. what a wonderful christmas!! great pics girlie!! xoxo

  7. I love that you and Cameron began to make your own traditions! How special!