Friday, March 9, 2012

Charleston Girls!

Spring is literally right around the corner (11 days!) and the weather is already starting to warm up. Don't you already want to have that sun-kissed look when you break out the short dresses, tank tops and white shorts?? I do!

Dealmobs (similar to Groupon) has a sale on spray tans today for only $18!! ($40 value) An actual person spraying you, not one of those machines.

The deal is good for a spray tan at Cloud 9 Spa & Therapy on Savannah Highway in West Ashley.

I would LOVE to buy all of these for my bridesmaids since my wedding is in March but sadly, the coupon expires in September.

Click here to sign up for Dealmobs and get your spray tan on!!


  1. Wish I lived in Charleston for that deal!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the deal, lady! Make sure you link up to Hubs in the Hot Seat!

  3. Nice! I've never spray tanned but need to help this pasty-ness I have going on. Have you ever had a rub and buff from Urban Nirvana? Its a massage and tanning treatment in one and quote possibly the best thing ever...

  4. very nice, can I use it on weekends? I might needa jump on that! Never gotten a spray tan before-kinda hesitant!