Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Someone turns 27 today! Can you guess who it is?

Some clues...

He loves me. :)
He likes to shake his groove thang.
He'd go fishing everyday if he could.
He loves all things Clemson. (eww)
Sarcasm is just one of his many talents.
He needs meat with every meal.
He needs to be shhh-ed sometimes.
He loves his Bubba.

He loves his sweet nieces. (dannnng he's hot in this pic)

If you guessed Cameron, you're right!

Happy Birthday, Cameron!

 I hope you have an awesome day and enjoy dinner tonight! Oh, and your lawnmower..whenever it comes back in stock. :)


  1. aww, tell him happy birthday for me!! "(dannnng he's hot in this pic)" --> hahahah! nice biceps!

  2. Ha ha... this was a cute post! And don't go ewwwing Clemson - nothing's finer than a Clemson man..I've got me one too! :)

    Have a happy Cameron day and a good Monday.

  3. Is the birthday dinner you cooking or going out to eat?

  4. Hehehe, such a great description! Happy Birthday to Cameron!

  5. very cute post! Happy Birthday Cameron!

  6. Awwww Happy Birthday to Cameron! Love the montage!

  7. This post is ADORABLE! The pictures and all everything is so creative! Happy belated b-day to Cameron!

    ps i am a new follower! (: