Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: A Southern Tradition.

There are a ton of southern traditions when it comes to weddings. Brides these days often add a mixture of traditional and non-traditional elements to their weddings. Traditional such as a moment of prayer with your wedding party and non-traditional such as seeing your groom for your "first look" before the actual ceremony.

This particular tradition was brought to my attention by my friend Savannah, who is getting married in June!

What the tradition you ask? Burying a bottle of good ol' bourbon to keep the rain away! I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of it before.

According to many believers, to keep the rain away on your wedding day, you are supposed to bury an unopened bottle of bourbon, upside down, exactly one month before the wedding. Some even say you are supposed to bury it in the exact spot of the ceremony.
Since our wedding will be outside, I definitely want to figure out a way to make this happen!

Have you heard of this tradition before? What is your favorite southern wedding tradition?


  1. I'm from the south and have never heard of this tradition BUT it sounds cool! Have a fantastic rest of the week!


  2. Never heard of it but it is very cool. I love wedding traditions (especially Southern ones)!

  3. I'm a TN girl and I've never heard that one either, but I love it! I hope it works for you guys.

  4. I love the bourbon tradition! Where I'm from in KY it rains wayyy too often so outdoor wedding are really rare. I would definitely do the bourbon if I was going to be outdoors. Just remember to go back and get the bottle for the reception!

  5. that's a cool tradition that i have never heard of either. i hope it works!

  6. I love this tradition! I just wish I could think of a way to bury a whiskey bottle at our Baptist church(where the ceremony is) ;)

  7. I can't believe I've never hard of that either! and durn, I didn't win your giveaway!

  8. When I got married, my Italian maid-of-honor's (Catholic) mother hung rosary beads on the clothesline to keep the rain away. I guess it kind of worked. It was beautiful for the ceremony but poured the minute photos were over (which was OK because the reception was about the start).