Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mountain Weekend Recap

Today at work was definitely hard to get back in the swing of things after being off since Thursday. I had a lot of emails to catch up on so it went by somewhat fast.

Now to reminisce about my vacation..

Friday - Arrived at the mountain house around 6pm and immediately claimed our room. The four of us pretty much planned the whole weekend so we felt like we deserved two out of the four rooms. :) Cooked dinner, played lots of games (the house had Rock Band!) and fit 15 people into a hot tub.

Saturday - Woke up bright and early thanks to there not being curtains or blinds on our window. The king size bed, however, was A-MA-ZING. Cooked some yummy breakfast, went for a walk and then prepared myself to sit through the Clemsonsux game.
a lot of ugly orange.

Sunday - Drove to Grandfather Mountain where we hiked a little bit, walked across the mile high swinging bridge and visited the wildlife habitats. We saw bears, cougars, deer, otters & an eagle!

He needed a Furminator.

All in all it was an AWESOME weekend with good friends and tooooo much food (and alcohol). Can't wait to do it again next year!


  1. That last picture is hysterical!!! Looks like y'all had a blast!

  2. HAH!!! Sudden icing... I LOLed :-D

    WHAT a fun weekend it looks like you had!! That hottub looks fantastic and Rock Band-- yeah!! What a beautiful view as well!

  3. favorite picture is definitely the last one!