Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Invitations.

Grab a seat and a cup of coffee, because this post might be a long one.
Before getting engaged, there were a few things wedding related that I thought to myself "why do people spend so much money on or care so much about these things?" Invitations were one of those things. I just didn't get it - you open the invitation, glance at the few key points like date, time and location and then either throw it in the garbage or post it on your fridge until that day comes..and then throw it in the garbage. They were just one of those things that I didn't want to spend a lot of money on. But then when it was actually my turn, I totally understood why people spend so much time on picking out an invitation. They set the tone for the wedding!
Back in March last year, when I wasn't even thinking of ordering invitations yet, a Groupon popped up in my inbox for wedding invitations. I thought to myself "I bet this company is going to be super cheesy, but I'll take a look anyway."
Boy, was I glad I didn't automatically delete that email.
Before I purchased the Groupon, I visited their website to make sure there was a design I was interested in, and looked at their prices to make sure the purchase was worth it. The Groupon was to spend $299 and receive $800 worth of product. Saving $500 off the bat is a great deal if you ask me! The company was called Delphine Press and come to find out, they had recently moved from California to Charleston! Pretty sure this is why they ran the Groupon in our area.
I knew I wanted an invitation that was very simple and classic. Letterpress would have been nice, of course, but it was more than I wanted to spend on invitations. We decided to go with the Monogram invitation and matching RSVP card. The standard invitation only came in white and since I wanted them to be ivory, I had to upgrade to the "off white cotton" invitations and envelopes, which at $.20 per invitation, rsvp card and 3 different types of envelopes, it adds up quickly. Minor complaint. However, there were a lot of font colors and types to choose from. I chose "jet black" as my color and "karolina" as my font.
The proofs came within 6 days and even though I ordered the Monogram invitation, I was debating on whether or not to keep the B or just delete the monogram all together. I worked with a girl named Brelyn and after 3 days of tweaking the invitations and rsvp cards, I finally signed off on the proofs and they were off to production!
I honestly can't remember how long it took for the invitations to arrive on my doorstep, but it must not have been too long if I can't remember. The only small issue I had with the shipment was that some of the envelopes came in white, when they were supposed to be off white. I contacted Delphine, they apologized, and quickly sent the correct envelopes.
And now, the reveal!
Another minor complaint, was that I wish the writing was bigger and filled up more room.
All in all, for 200 invitations, rsvps, rsvp envelopes, outer envelopes and inner envelopes, went spent $573. Without the Groupon it would have been $1373. I'm only posting pricing for future brides so that they can have an idea of what invitations cost, because I had no clue.
I received many compliments on our invitations, which made me thankful because of all of time and effort I spent into picking out the perfect one!
All in all I was very happy with my experience with Delphine Press and would use them again! They also offer other paper services such as thank you cards, cocktail napkins, etc!
38 days to go! Holy moly.


  1. I totalllllly understand. I was like WHY would anyone spend that kind of money on an invitation?! But I appreciate when they look beautiful now and I wouldn't have changed a thing on ours because as you said it sets the tone, and you want it to be as beautiful as ever. :) LOVE your invites though, super classy and gorg. Are you using the "B" throughout the wedding now? Can't wait to hear more details!!! It's almost time!!!

  2. These turned out great!! 38 days?! Oh my gosh it's so soon!!

  3. I agree luckily my aunt owns a wedding planning business and has a stationary rep that works with her so we got them at cost, but goodness I could have never paid the full price.

  4. I completely agree. I didn't want to spend alot on the "paper" products that can just be thrown away (save the dates, invites, menu, programs) so I am creating each one myself using editing programs and having a printing company print them out for me. My 200 invitations, outer envelopes (i'm not doing inner), rsvp cards & envelopes were less than $200 and they are gorgeous!! If you haven't purchased your programs/menus yet and need a cheap reference, let me know!! :)

  5. Love them! Man, I wish I would have seen that Groupon. I just picked up our invitations yesterday and am super giddy about them. Makes everything feel real, right? And 38 days -wow! Only 5 more Wedding Wednesdays for you!

  6. I love the font that you used, they look great! Thanks for the heads up on cost, too! I am completely clueless when it comes to that.

  7. Everytime I look at invitation prices, I get sick. I want them to be timeless and classic, but of course that includes a hefty pricetag. I am LOVING yours. They are so classic and simple and I LOVE THAT!

  8. The invitations look gorgeous!! I am in the market for invitations now and am shocked by the prices. I never thought I would spent a lot either, but things change once you start looking because you do want something thats look nice and classy.

  9. They turned out great! I love that they are simple but yet still classy xo

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  10. They look great and SOUTHERN! I can't believe invitations cost that much! Geez!!!

  11. They look so pretty! Shocking how much invites can cost--glad you saved some $ and still found a great looking product!

  12. What a gorgeous font! My fiance was quite surprised when he found out how much invitations cost, too. What a great deal you found for such pretty invites. :)


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