Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh you fancy, huh?

"Hair done, nails done, errything did, oh you fancy, huh? Oh you fancy, huh?"

Has anyone heard this ridiculous new rap song yet? As stupid as the song is, watch out, it WILL get stuck in your head.

Yesterday I spent 3 hours getting my hair did. Longest hair appointment ever but my color was so out of whack, that it needed to take thing long. Also got a cute little hair cut :)

Anyway, the last hour of my appointment, I pretty much thought about the tip the whole time. It's the same cycle in my head with every appointment. How much do I tip? Do I do the standard 20%?? I don't want to tip tooo much, because then they would expect that every time. But then again, of course I want to make sure I tip them enough! I really really liked the new girl that I tried out. I tipped her $25 on a $105 bill. But then again, I DID get a free haircut. Is that good....or cheap?

What is yall's protocol on tipping for hair appointments?


  1. I tip between $20-25, and my hair costs at least $120 everytime. This may be cheap, but it's what I've always done!!

  2. we need a pic of the new 'do!

  3. I think protocol is the standard 20% but I think that's dumb bc their overhead is minimal. They are already profitting about $90 out of your $105. Granted some only make commission and are paid by the salon... but the one's that just rent a booth and purchase their own supplies are really profitting... either way you are paying someone way too much for service vs. cost

    Sorry if I'm wrong about this but it's the same with the nail salon in my head... you are paying 95% for the service and 5% the actual cost.

    In our business people pay 60% overhead cost and 40% service & labor so it's hard for me to justify...

    I'm stepping off the box now...

  4. i feel so guilty right now... :( haha

  5. and now i feel bad bc i no idea what i'm talking about.

  6. Hey! I had this same dilemma a few years ago. I used to tip very low because that's what I just assumed was correct - but after much research online, I found that 20% (for a good job) is typical. My hair costs about $130 for a highlight and trim, so I end up tipping about $25 each visit. :(

    I'm thinking of changing careers into being a hair dresser. Lol.

  7. One of my best friends guiltily asked me a few years ago if I tipped and of course I said that I tip AT LEAST 15%... normally around 20%. She is the type that always gets her hair weave hilighted, etc so it's really spendy-- and she never tipped! I suppose it's one of those confusing things, not sure if you should, etc... But like I said, I normally tip around 20%-- you should post pictures ;-)